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Add an Assistant to an Org Chart

Assistant on organization chart off to the side and above the rest of the org chart.
Assistant on organization chart

Yes, you can add an assistant to a management organization chart in Lexchart.

An assistant is an employee reporting to a manager. So you start with adding the assistant as a card with a link to the manager. You can do that manually or with an import.

Add an assistant to an organization chart

Step 2. Switch to manual mode

Manual mode gives you control of the position of all cards and links.

Step 3. [Optional] Create space between the manager

This step is just personal preference to create vertical space for the assistant. Depending on the layout of the chart, this might not be necessary.

Step 4. Select and move the assistant

Step 5. Select and move the line

Now you have moved the assistant to a side position above the rest of the org chart.

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