Learn how to add and design Links
Learn how to add and design Links
Watch how to create and design links in Lexchart


Every chart in Lexchart has cards and links. A card can be any legal entity. A link is the connection between cards, such as an ownership, management, or financing relationship. Links can have data about the relationship. In Lexchart, those are called link notes.


In this tutorial, we have a start up, Great NewCo which is taking investment from Big Capital. We create a link between Big Capital and Great NewCo. We add link notes to links and format them.


There are three ways to add a link between two cards (entities or people):

  1. Select the Add Link button on the toolbar.
Add New Link
Add New Link

2. Choose Add Link from the Insert menu.

Add Link from Insert menu
Add Link from Insert menu

3. Use the Chart window. The chart window is beyond the scope of this tutorial. There is a tutorial dedicated to the chart window.

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