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Sales Department Org Chart Focused on Territories

Sales Department Org Chart Focused on Territories
Territory Sales Department Org Chart

A Territory Sales Organization has teams based on geographic territories. Each team is responsible for managing a specific territory or region.

The nature and structure of the territories depend on the business size and strategy.

Territory Teams

Territory Managers

A global business might start with teams for each continent, then break down into regions, countries, states, and cities.

A local business might start with teams for each state, then break down into regions, cities, and neighborhoods.

The Territory Managers are responsible for the sales teams in their territories. They set goals, provide support, and ensure the team meets its targets.

Cross Functional Teams

There is a question about whether the teams are self contained or cross functional. Most sales organizations have functions like Sales Operations and Sales Support that can be centralized or decentralized.

Product Specialists, Sales Engineers, and Customer Success Managers can be part of the Territory Teams or part of a centralized team that supports all territories.

Sales Operations Canada Brazil United Kingdom Sales Leadership Professional Services Columbia North America Latin America Bolivia Mexico CRM Italy Customer Support Europe Africa Sales Support France EMEA Chile Central America United States Product Specialists Germany Territory Sales Data Analysts Project Management Americas Argentina Customer Success South America Middle East Cross Functional Sales Support Team Direct Sales Team

An organization designed around independent territories, where sales support functions report into each territory, might look like this:

Central America CRM United Kingdom Germany France South America Africa Sales Representatives Sales Leadership EMEA United States Project Management Data Analysts Argentina Professional Services Europe Territory Sales Sales Support Columbia Product Specialists Sales Operations Chile Mexico Customer Support Brazil North America Customer Success Canada Bolivia Latin America Americas Middle East Italy Repeat Sales Support Team for other Territories, Countries, or Markets

This decision depends on the business size, complexity, and strategy. The decision results in different org charts.

Example Territory Sales Org Chart

Here is an example of a Territory Sales Organization with teams based on this employee data:

Name Location Title Department Manager birthdate start_date employee_number
Johnny Clay Mcneilton Vice President Territory Sales Department 3/16/1987 5/28/2011 45907409
Ashley Oliver New Jonathanfort Director EMEA Johnny Clay 9/6/1985 12/27/2010 46822032
Nicole Wyatt Davidborough Director Latin America Johnny Clay 2/4/1991 10/25/2012 20241776
David Wilkinson South Colleenton Director North America Johnny Clay 6/23/1981 12/4/2013 44424826
Anna Mann Brianchester Transit Expert Latin America Nicole Wyatt 10/5/1988 12/12/2014 79130795
Robert Mcmillan Garrisonland Sales Rep Latin America Nicole Wyatt 12/22/2000 12/27/2013 78409501
Chad Adams Sandymouth Sales Rep Latin America Nicole Wyatt 2/10/1979 5/1/2005 17190720
Kenneth Matthews Port Ryan Manager EMEA Ashley Oliver 2/13/1991 3/23/2017 20891293
Kendra Perez Williamsbury Manager EMEA Ashley Oliver 8/4/1989 8/23/2017 20236635
Tan Fong East Kimberlytown Manager EMEA Ashley Oliver 7/20/1983 11/2/2009 54257068
Joshua Hudson Penamouth Sales Engineer North America David Wilkinson 10/1/1973 1/19/2018 16146083
Wayne Gallagher East Karenshire Relationship Manager North America David Wilkinson 7/18/1996 11/9/2021 82353722
Jared Terry Brianview Sales Rep EMEA Kendra Perez 6/2/1981 3/26/2002 20980526
Brian Torres West Donnaview Sales Rep EMEA Kendra Perez 1/3/1979 2/21/2014 46543635
Jenna Moreno Mcdonaldstad Sales Rep EMEA Tan Fong 11/16/1999 10/14/2002 53572411
Sophia Li Nelsonfort Specialist EMEA Tan Fong 8/21/1989 6/14/2008 26129629
Ashley Oliver Title Director Department EMEA Wayne Gallagher Title Relationship Manager Department North America Robert Mcmillan Title Sales Rep Department Latin America Jared Terry Title Sales Rep Department EMEA Johnny Clay Title Vice President Department Territory Sales Department Jenna Moreno Title Sales Rep Department EMEA Kendra Perez Title Manager Department EMEA Brian Torres Title Sales Rep Department EMEA Joshua Hudson Title Sales Engineer Department North America Tan Fong Title Manager Department EMEA Chad Adams Title Sales Rep Department Latin America Anna Mann Title Transit Expert Department Latin America David Wilkinson Title Director Department North America Kenneth Matthews Title Manager Department EMEA Nicole Wyatt Title Director Department Latin America Sophia Li Title Specialist Department EMEA

This chart is made with Lexchart for automatic organization charts.

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