Microsoft Business Segments

See the chart of business segments for Microsoft Corporation, including productivity, intelligent cloud, and personal computing. The business segments are based on disclosures in the 10-K and 14A Proxy Statement.

10 months ago

Microsoft Company Structure - Business Segments

This chart of business segments for Microsoft Corporation (EXCHANGE: TICKER) shows the structure of Microsoft's operating divisions reported in its annual report as of the date of the source filings. The focus of this chart is the reporting business segments.

A chart of Microsoft's ownership structure and board of directors are available.

On-premises applications Gaming Talent Security & Compliance Premium Subscriptions Officer Consumer Microsoft Teams Microsoft Consulting Microsoft 365 Premier Support SharePoint Surface Devices Dynamics 365 Xbox Windows Server Windows cloud services PC Accessories Learning Skype for Business Office on-premises LinkedIn Office Server SQL Server Productivity & Business Processes Advertising Game Pass Windows Windows Commercial Skype Sales Exchange MSN Advertising Search advertising Dynamics Marketing More Personal Computing System Center GitHub Intelligent Cloud Microsoft Patent licensing Azure Office Commercial Enterprise Services Visual Studio One Drive Windows IoT Copyright 2022. Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ: MSFT) 10-K, 14A Proxy Statement last accessed on March 13, 2022.

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