Microsoft Ownership Chart

See the ownership structure of Microsoft based on beneficial owners and subsidiaries disclosed in the 10-K and 14A Proxy Statement for fiscal year 2021.

10 months ago

Microsoft Ownership Chart

This ownership chart for Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) shows the beneficial owners as of the date of the source filings. The focus of this chart is the ownership structure of Microsoft. This ownership chart is prior to the Activision Blizzard Inc. acquisition announcement.

LinkedIn Ireland Unlimited Company Microsoft Global Finance The Vanguard Group Microsoft Online, Inc. Microsoft Ireland Operations Limited BlackRock Microsoft Ireland Research Microsoft Directors & Officers LinkedIn Corporation Shares 3,599,480 Shares 515,872,379 Voting Percentage 6.8% Shares 614,100,233 Voting Percentage 8.12% Microsoft Corporation NASDAQ: MSFT 10-K, 10-K Exhibit 21, and 14A Proxy Statement accessed on March 12, 2022. Copyright 2022.

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