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Lazard Beneficial Owners [2024]

Lazard Beneficial Owners [2024]
Lazard Beneficial Owners in 2024

Lazard Ltd (NYSE: LAZ), a global leader in financial advisory and asset management services, disclosed its list of beneficial owners in the 2023 Annual Proxy Statement (DEF14A), offering a transparent view into the ownership structure of the company. This article delves into the key stakeholders holding significant interest in Lazard, highlighting their respective ownership percentages and overall voting power.

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Major Beneficial Owners

Lazard Investors Ariel Investments, LLC Insiders FMR LLC Other Officers & Directors The Vanguard Group Kenneth M. Jacobs 7,706,182 Class A Common (#) 6.83% Class A Common (%) 8.85% Voting Power 9,115,967 Class A Common (#) 8.08% Class A Common (%) 10.47% Voting Power 10,218,994 Class A Common (#) 9.06% Class A Common (%) 11.73% Voting Power 1,027,636 Class A Common (#) 0.91% Class A Common (%) 1.18% Voting Power 2,566,976 Class A Common (#) 2.28% Class A Common (%) 2.95% Voting Power Note: This chart shows selected ownership, management, and governance information based on public filings and information about the entities. The chart might not reflect actual legal entities or relationships accurately. Do not rely on this chart for financial, legal, or investment advice. Sources: 10-Ks, Proxy Statements and related information. Copyright 2024.
Beneficial Owner Class A (#) Class A (%) Voting Power
The Vanguard Group 10,218,994 9.06% 11.73%
FMR LLC 9,115,967 8.08% 10.47%
Ariel Investments, LLC 7,706,182 6.83% 8.85%
Kenneth M. Jacobs 2,566,976 2.28% 2.95%
Other Officers & Directors 1,027,636 0.91% 1.18%

The ownership structure of Lazard Ltd is characterized by a mix of institutional investors and key individuals, with the following entities and persons holding the largest shares:

  • The Vanguard Group emerges as the top beneficial owner, wielding 9.06% of Class A Common shares, which translates to an 11.73% voting power. This reflects Vanguard's substantial influence and confidence in Lazard's growth prospects and governance.
  • FMR LLC closely follows, possessing 8.08% of the Class A Common shares, equating to a 10.47% voting power. FMR LLC's significant stake underscores its strategic investment in Lazard, recognizing its global footprint and diversified financial services.
  • Ariel Investments, LLC holds 6.83% of Class A Common shares, with an 8.85% voting power. Ariel Investments' considerable holding highlights its bullish outlook on Lazard's value proposition and operational excellence.
  • Kenneth M. Jacobs, Lazard's Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, personally holds 2.28% of the Class A Common shares, representing a 2.95% voting power. His stake is a testament to his commitment and belief in the company's direction and future success.
  • Other Officers & Directors collectively own 0.91% of the Class A Common shares, amounting to a 1.18% voting power. This group's investment further aligns leadership's interests with the broader objectives of the company and its shareholders.


The disclosed ownership structure in Lazard's 2023 DEF14A filing reflects a balanced mix of institutional and individual stakeholders, each demonstrating confidence in the firm's strategic direction and financial health. This diversified ownership underscores the market's trust in Lazard's ability to navigate the complexities of global finance, while fostering sustainable growth and shareholder value.

For more detailed insights into Lazard Ltd's beneficial owners and their holdings, refer to the 2023 DEF14A filing.

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