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ExxonMobil Beneficial Owners [2023]

ExxonMobil organization chart showing beneficial owners and named executive officers in 2023

ExxonMobil business overview

ExxonMobil is a prominent multinational energy corporation with diverse operations spanning across the oil and gas industry. As outlined in ExxonMobil most recent 10-K filing, the company engages in the exploration, production, refining, and distribution of petroleum-based products worldwide. With a strong presence in various geographic regions, ExxonMobil plays a pivotal role in meeting global energy demands and serves as a significant player in the energy sector.\

ExxonMobil ownership structure

This organization chart shows the beneficial owners of ExxonMobil.

Beneficial Owners K.T. McKee The Vanguard Group BlackRock Inc. D.W. Woods Named Executive Officers State Street Corp. J.P. Williams, Jr. ExxonMobil K.A. Mikells 151,384 10,050 5.4% 223,630,483 210,173 9.0% 368,671,214 79,447 7.1% 292,132,859 Note: This chart shows selected ownership, management, and governance information based on public filings and information about the entities. The chart might not reflect actual legal entities or relationships accurately. Do not rely on this chart for financial, legal, or investment advice. Sources: 10-Ks, Proxy Statements and related information. Copyright 2023.

This org chart includes named executive officers and their shares even though, as a group, the own less than 1% of ExxonMobil.

You can access a free, interactive version of this organization chart showing ExxonMobil's beneficial owners that includes panning and zooming to explore the details.

Here is the source data that Lexchart used to automatically generate the company structure chart:

Parent Child Percent Shares
BlackRock Inc. Beneficial Owners 9.00% 368,671,214
State Street Corp. Beneficial Owners 7.10% 292,132,859
The Vanguard Group Beneficial Owners 5.40% 223,630,483
Named Executive Officers ExxonMobil
J.P. Williams, Jr. Named Executive Officers 151,384
D.W. Woods Named Executive Officers 210,173
K.A. Mikells Named Executive Officers 10,050
K.T. McKee Named Executive Officers 79,447
Beneficial Owners ExxonMobil

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