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NVIDIA Ownership [2024]

NVIDIA Ownership [2024]
NVIDIA's ownership structure chart as of 2024

NVIDIA (Nasdaq: NVDA) is a prominent figure in the Information Technology sector, specializes in the Semiconductors subsector. Established with a commitment to innovation and excellence, NVIDIA has significantly influenced the computing landscape. Analysis of NVIDIA's beneficial ownership information reveals some surprises.

NVIDIA Beneficial Owners

Shareholder Shares Percent
Jen-Hsun Huang 86,878,193 3.51%
Colette M. Kress 478,297 < 1%
Ajay K. Puri 363,780 < 1%
Debora Shoquist 278,224 < 1%
Timothy S. Teter 200,050 < 1%
Robert K. Burgess 29,578 < 1%
Tench Coxe 4,185,524 < 1%
John O. Dabiri 2,001 < 1%
Persis S. Drell 43,278 < 1%
Dawn Hudson 82,502 < 1%
Harvey C. Jones 998,328 < 1%
Michael G. McCaffery 22,170 < 1%
Stephen C. Neal 10,154 < 1%
Mark L. Perry 152,962 < 1%
A. Brooke Seawell 502,298 < 1%
Aarti Shah
Mark A. Stevens 4,442,786 < 1%
The Vanguard Group, Inc. 204,600,119 8.27%
BlackRock, Inc. 179,816,144 7.27%
FMR LLC 138,693,959 5.61%

NVIDIA Ownership Structure

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Jen-Hsun Huang Shares Beneficially Owned 86,878,193 Percent 3.51% Mark L. Perry Shares Beneficially Owned 152,962 Percent < 1% Colette M. Kress Shares Beneficially Owned 478,297 Percent < 1% Dawn Hudson Shares Beneficially Owned 82,502 Percent < 1% FMR LLC Shares Beneficially Owned 138,693,959 Percent 5.61% Robert K. Burgess Shares Beneficially Owned 29,578 Percent < 1% Investors Tench Coxe Shares Beneficially Owned 4,185,524 Percent < 1% NVIDIA CORP Harvey C. Jones Shares Beneficially Owned 998,328 Percent < 1% BlackRock, Inc. Shares Beneficially Owned 179,816,144 Percent 7.27% Named Executive Officers Mark A. Stevens Shares Beneficially Owned 4,442,786 Percent < 1% Stephen C. Neal Shares Beneficially Owned 10,154 Percent < 1% John O. Dabiri Shares Beneficially Owned 2,001 Percent < 1% Persis S. Drell Shares Beneficially Owned 43,278 Percent < 1% Timothy S. Teter Shares Beneficially Owned 200,050 Percent < 1% Michael G. McCaffery Shares Beneficially Owned 22,170 Percent < 1% A. Brooke Seawell Shares Beneficially Owned 502,298 Percent < 1% Debora Shoquist Shares Beneficially Owned 278,224 Percent < 1% The Vanguard Group, Inc. Shares Beneficially Owned 204,600,119 Percent 8.27% Ajay K. Puri Shares Beneficially Owned 363,780 Percent < 1% Directors Aarti Shah Percent < 1% Officers & Directors Shares Beneficially Owned 98,670,125 Percent 3.99% Note: This chart shows selected ownership, management, and governance information based on public filings and information about the entities. The chart might not reflect actual legal entities or relationships accurately. Do not rely on this chart for financial, legal, or investment advice. Sources: 10-Ks, Proxy Statements and related information. Copyright 2023.

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This summary aims to provide a neutral overview of NVIDIA, highlighting major lines of business as outlined in their 2024 Annual Report (10-K).

Company Profile

NVIDIA Corporation, headquartered in Santa Clara, California, is a global leader in graphics processing technology, creating innovative solutions that transform the way we interact with the digital world. The company's groundbreaking work in accelerated computing and artificial intelligence is reshaping industries, including gaming, professional visualization, data centers, and automotive.

Major Lines of Business

As detailed in their 2023 Annual Report, NVIDIA's operations are strategically divided into several key segments, each contributing to the company's overall success and technological advancements.


NVIDIA's gaming segment is renowned for its powerful GeForce graphics processing units (GPUs), which provide gamers with high-performance hardware for PC gaming. This segment also includes the NVIDIA SHIELD, a streaming device for home entertainment.

Data Center

This segment focuses on data center platforms and systems for AI, high-performance computing (HPC), and graphics. NVIDIA's data center solutions are designed to meet the demands of cloud computing and the processing of massive datasets.

Professional Visualization

NVIDIA's professional visualization products include Quadro, NVIDIA RTX, and Omniverse platforms, catering to professionals in design, visualization, and simulation. These solutions are pivotal in driving advancements in digital content creation, scientific research, and industrial design.


NVIDIA's automotive business leverages AI to revolutionize the driving experience, focusing on autonomous vehicles, in-car infotainment systems, and AI cockpit technologies. Through partnerships with automakers and suppliers, NVIDIA aims to enhance safety, convenience, and the overall driving experience.

OEM and Other

This segment includes chipsets, GPUs for motherboard manufacturers, and other products not included in the aforementioned categories. It caters to a diverse range of customers and markets, providing specialized computing solutions.

NVIDIA continues to drive innovation across its product lines, leveraging its expertise in AI and computing to address complex challenges in various sectors. With a strong focus on research and development, NVIDIA is poised to remain a key player in the Information Technology and Semiconductors subsector for years to come.

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