Model mergers, acquisitions, and restructuring

Model corporate transactions
Model corporate transactions

Lexchart automates the modeling of changes in corporate structure. Show how the new structure looks under different conditions. With a single change in the hierarchy, Lexchart will automatically layout the new corporate structure keeping all other connections intact.


M&A professionals can show variations on AcquisitionCo and TargetCo combinations. Lexchart will automatically redraw the entire chart to show new acquisition structures. Easily add a new acquisition vehicle, place TargetCo in the new vehicle and see the results.

Showing a before and after perspective is easy. In the example, the Founder family through Investment Vehicle LLC and Thomas Bauer individually, own Great Company, Inc.

Model acquisition target before acquisition
Model acquisition target before acquisition

Large Acquiring Company, Ltd., a UK company, forms Acquisition Vehicle LLC in Delaware to acquire all of the outstanding shares of Great Company, Inc.

Show the post-acquisition structure
Show the post-acquisition structure

The free trial does not require a credit card. Explore Lexchart today.

Joint Ventures

Create a company chart with a new joint venture entity. Lexchart displays both related and unrelated legal entities. Show divergent financial and voting interests for JV entity.

In this example, Great Company, Inc. becomes a distribution channel for Large Acquiring Company through a joint venture entity, Joint Venture, LLC. The parties have different financial interest allocations and share voting. You can even add management roles and connections.


Model various options for restructuring the business. Show changes in creditors and debt, bank charter simplification, or the effect of spin offs.

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