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Create compelling company charts

Design great company charts
Design great company charts

Company org charts should communicate to your audience in a clear, accurate, and effective manner. Org chart design involves three elements: the structure of the elements on the chart, the cards, and links. Lexchart fuses data and design to deliver an excellent org chart.


Lexchart captures data about entities and their connections. Entities are "cards"; connections are "links".


A card in Lexchart is a company or person. A card can carry information about that company or person. A company might include information about the place of incorporation, the total shares outstanding, the year incorporated, the legal entity type, and the line of business. The card for a person might include job title, start date, and location.

A link in Lexchart is the hierarchical connection between cards (companies and people). A link is more than a line in Lexchart. You can add data to the link. Links can describe types, amounts, percentages, or dates.

Ownership information on line of org chart
Org chart line data


You design the chart and its data to meet your needs.

Lexchart can illuminate our org chart data. Change the orientation of labels and data for both cards and links. You can use format tools to control color, size, and position. Notice how the labels and data for each card (company) have a different alignment and relative position.

Chart Layout

Lexchart keeps your org chart organized in Auto mode. Lexchart analyzes millions of possible layout options then selects one of the best layouts in a blink.

If you want to adjust the layout, switch to Manual mode. You can move cards and link information where you need on the infinite canvas. Lexchart will maintain the link lines for you.

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