Create company structure charts automatically

Automatic company structure charts
Automatic company structure charts

Harness the power of Lexchart's advanced mathematical algorithm to layout your organization chart for you.

Data driven

With legacy org chart software, users slap data labels onto a picture. Who knows if the data is correct? It might not be near the related element.

In Lexchart, data draws the chart. You tell Lexchart that Company A owns 5,000,000 shares of Company B. Lexchart draws Company A, Company B, a link between the two, and the data about the relationship for you. The chart is accurate because it comes from the data. Lexchart displays the data with the elements in the chart.

Leveling generations

Lexchart automatically creates an organizational hierarchy based on your data. Each entity appears on the correct level automatically, even when ownership passes through more than one layer of the hierarchy.

Automatic generational levels
Automatic generational levels

In this example, notice that Lexchart placed Frank Founder on the correct generational level. He is an indirect owner of Investment Vehicle, LLC through the Founder Family Trust which has an ownership interest in Investment Vehicle, LLC. He is a direct owner of Investment Vehicle, LLC. Lexchart places Frank Founder to show both relationships.

Minimize line crossing

Create clear organizational charts with minimal crossing. Company diagrams are complex with many ownership or management relationships, causing lines to crisscross. Lexchart automatically eliminates or minimizes line crossing to present the cleanest chart.

Lexchart uses sophisticated algorithms to layout your chart with minimal line crossing. The result is a clear, easy-to-read chart.

Proximity optimization

Lexchart analyzes the entire chart to optimize the horizontal distribution of entities (affiliates or peers).

Avoid line crossing automatically
Avoid line crossing automatically

Entities are clustered together when possible based on number and type of connections. Notice how Lexchart automatically grouped the Founder family entities together, with Thomas Bauer Group nested in the middle and Large Acquiring Company on the right.

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Grouping and clustering

For wide charts, Lexchart will group the related entities. When the group is a collection of entities lower in the hierarchy, Lexchart clusters them automatically in a stack to improve readability.  

Grouping and clustering improve the use of space on the overall canvas. Lexchart only clusters entities when appropriate.

Multiple parents

There is no limit to the number of ownership or other hierarchical connections an entity can have, which magnifies the complexity of legal entity charts. Lexchart displays all connections with ease.

One of the important differences between company org charts and management charts is the presence of many top level entities. Whether it is three or 300, Lexchart will display the owners as needed.

Reciprocal connections

Legal entity charts show a hierarchy. Connections can flow up the hierarchy. Lexchart determines the best way to display these circular relationships to render the chart accurately.


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