Show any jurisdiction, language, currency, or legal type

Global company structure charts
Global company structure charts

Global businesses require a global solution. Charts support any language. Mix languages on the same chart. You can include the native language and translated version of entity or personnel information. Map legal entities to jurisdictions with legal forms of organization from any jurisdiction.


A company has a place of incorporation, a principal place of business, and nexus with a variety of jurisdictions. Easily add jurisdiction information in Lexchart. These companies come from the United Kingdom, Japan, Egypt, and the United States.

Multinational company chart with many languages and currencies
Multinational company chart with many languages and currencies

Go beyond displaying the jurisdiction of formation. Include the principle place of business or other jurisdictions where the company does business. Lexchart supports any level of jurisdiction: regional, national, state or province, and local units. Notice that the U.S. limited liability company, Investment Vehicle LLC, has both a country (United States) and a state (California). This reflects the fact that businesses are formed at the state level in the U.S. To be consistent, however, the jurisdiction could be "US: California" in a single line with the same label as the other entities.


Display entity information in any language. Use different languages side-by-side as necessary. Provide a company name in the domestic language and the primary trading language.

This chart shows four companies from four countries. Company names are displayed in their local language with a translation in the body of the card. Companies are displayed in English with the local language in the body.

Multi-lingual organization chart
Multi-lingual organization chart

Notice that any part of the card can be in any language: the company name, the label (収入 - income or revenue) or the data (see the "Local type" label). Lexchart supports all languages, including right-to-left and character-based.


Show financial data, such as assets under management (AUM) or annual revenue, in any currency. The same chart above shows accounting values in British pounds (Revenue: £3.5 Billion), Japanese yen (収入: ¥34,136,698,817), and US dollars (Book value: $128,000,000) as examples.

Entity types

Use the types of legal entities permitted in your jurisdictions. Lexchart supports any legal form. Add items which have business, not legal significance, such as internal groups, divisions, or business units.

And anything else you need...

Lexchart allows you to add unlimited data about a company or person in an org chart. Any of those labels or data can be in any language, reflect the law of any jurisdiction, or be in any currency.

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