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Generate company structure diagrams automatically with Lexchart. The Lexchart AI supports charts for any company structure.

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Company Structure Diagrams

Features and capabilities

  • Create company structure charts automatically

    Lexchart draws your company structure chart with powerful algorithms to handle any corporate structure, even large and complex companies.

    Automatic company structure charts
  • Show any jurisdiction, language, currency, or legal type

    Your organization spans the globe, languages, legal systems, and currencies. So does Lexchart. Display businesses from any jurisdiction in any language.

    Global company structure charts
  • Build any corporate structure

    Make corporate structure vivid. Show ownership connections, legal entity types, and management. Render complex structures easily.

    Create company structure
  • Model mergers, acquisitions, and restructuring

    Show them the future. Lexchart's automatic design ability makes it easy to visualize changes to organizational structure. Explore alternate deal structures in seconds.

    Model corporate transactions
  • Create compelling company charts

    Design tools empower you to create vibrant company charts that communicate ownership, governance, and management structures.

    Design great company charts

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Lexchart blends decades of experience in corporate law, mergers and acquisitions, and compliance.



Protect your organization charts and data

Lexchart leverages state-of-the-art security practices and technologies so that you can keep your charts confidential and share with colleagues with confidence.

Multi-Factor Authentication
Advanced multi-factor authentication (MFA) is built into Lexchart. Works with your existing authentication application.
Secure data
Your data is fully encrypted both at rest and in transit. All data is sent over a secure connection (SSL).
Delete forever
You control your account. You may delete your account forever at any time.
Access controls
You control who has access to your charts. Share with colleagues, limit their rights to edit the chart, or keep charts private.

Frequently asked questions

Have another question? Reach out to our customer support team.

Is Lexchart secure?
Yes. All data is encrypted at rest and in transit. Multi-factor authentication is available.
Does Lexchart do management org charts?
Yes. You can create organization charts for employees and managers. You can easily work on reorganizations and departmental changes.
Does Lexchart support company structure charts?
Yes. You can visualize any legal entity type from any jurisdiction.
Can I download org charts?
Yes, you can export your organization charts in PDF, JPG, PNG, or SVG file formats.
Can colleagues collaborate on org charts?
Yes. Share your org chart with as many people as you want. You can control their access privileges.