Import Employee Information

From spreadsheet to organization chart with Lexchart's AI engine
From spreadsheet to organization chart

Start with your employee data, finish with an AI designed organization chart in seconds. Lexchart builds your org chart automatically when you import employee and reporting relationships along with any other employee data. This automated process saves time, reduces errors, and ensures clear, efficient charts with a comprehensive view of reporting structures.

Make Org Charts in Seconds

Save time with AI-powered organization charts from Lexchart. Import your employee information from any HR system to create an organization chart automatically.

Reduce Organization Chart Errors

Avoid embarrassing org chart errors with data-driven hierarchy charts. Lexchart’s artificial intelligence makes the org chart from your data, optimizing the layout.

Make Clear and Efficient Org Charts

Provide a clear view of the reporting structures in an organization, making it easier to understand the relationships between departments and teams, and helps in decision-making processes.

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