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Global Industry Classification Standard (GICS) - Materials Sector

Global Industry Classification Standard (GICS) Materials industry hierarchy chart

Materials Sector

The Materials sector (GICS code 15), part of the Global Industry Classification Standard (GICS), encompasses a broad array of industries related to a range of raw material extraction and processing. This sector plays an integral role in the global economy, supplying key inputs to numerous other sectors.

The Global Industry Classification Standard (GICS) is a widely accepted standard used by the global financial community for classifying companies into sectors and industries. It was developed by Morgan Stanley Capital International (MSCI) and Standard & Poor's (S&P), aiming to provide a comprehensive, consistent framework for investment research, portfolio management, and asset allocation.

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Explore the Global Industry Classification Standard (GICS), a globally recognized system for classifying industries, used by the financial community for investment research, portfolio management, and asset allocation. Learn about the GICS hierarchy and its importance for investors and analysts, and…


Under the materials sector, Chemicals (GICS code 151010) consist of companies that produce a variety of chemical products including commodity, diversified, specialty, fertilizers & agricultural chemicals, and industrial gases. These industries largely cater to other industrial entities, agriculture sector, and various consumer markets.

Construction Materials

Construction Materials (GICS code 151020) includes companies that manufacture construction materials essential for infrastructure, residential, and non-residential construction projects.

151050 Paper & Forest Products 15104045 Silver 15101040 Industrial Gases 15101050 Specialty Chemicals 15103010 Metal, Glass & Plastic Containers 15104025 Copper 151010 Chemicals 15103020 Paper & Plastic Packaging Products & Materials 15105020 Paper Products 15104020 Diversified Metals & Mining 151020 Construction Materials 151030 Containers & Packaging 15101030 Fertilizers & Agricultural Chemicals 15102010 Construction Materials 15 Materials 15104030 Gold 15104050 Steel 15105010 Forest Products 15104010 Aluminum 1510 Materials 15101010 Commodity Chemicals 15101020 Diversified Chemicals 151040 Metals & Mining 15104040 Precious Metals & Minerals

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Containers & Packaging

Containers & Packaging (GICS code 151030) comprises of companies producing containers from various materials including metal, glass, and plastic, and those involved in the manufacturing of paper and plastic packaging products.

Metals & Mining

The Metals & Mining (GICS code 151040) industry encapsulates companies involved in the exploration, extraction, and processing of various types of metals, including aluminum, copper, gold, silver, diversified metals, and steel.

Paper & Forest Products

Lastly, Paper & Forest Products (GICS code 151050) include companies that produce forest products and manufacture paper goods. This not only involves logging activities but also the processing of the harvested timber into a variety of paper and wood-based products.

Each of these categories further subdivides into several sub-industries, forming a structured hierarchy within the materials sector.

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