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Global Industry Classification Standard (GICS) - Industrials Sector

Hierarchy chart of Global Industry Classification Standard (GICS) Industrials sector

20 Industrials

The Industrials sector (20) spans a variety of industries that are instrumental in the construction, manufacturing, and distribution realms of the economy. This sector is a mirror reflecting the overall health of the economy, as it includes industries ranging from machinery to professional services, showcasing the broad scope of industrial activities.

The Global Industry Classification Standard (GICS) is a widely accepted standard used by the global financial community for classifying companies into sectors and industries. It was developed by Morgan Stanley Capital International (MSCI) and Standard & Poor's (S&P), aiming to provide a comprehensive, consistent framework for investment research, portfolio management, and asset allocation.

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Explore the Global Industry Classification Standard (GICS), a globally recognized system for classifying industries, used by the financial community for investment research, portfolio management, and asset allocation. Learn about the GICS hierarchy and its importance for investors and analysts, and…

2010 Capital Goods

Under the umbrella of the Industrials sector is Capital Goods (2010), the industries responsible for the production of goods used in the creation of goods or services. They play a foundational role in enabling production and industrial activities across various sectors.

201010 Aerospace & Defense

The Aerospace & Defense (201010) industry includes companies involved in the production of aircraft, weaponry, and associated technology for both commercial and defense applications.

20101010 Aerospace & Defense

Under the Aerospace & Defense category, the 20101010 classification includes companies that produce aircraft, spacecraft, weaponry, and related equipment. These are companies at the forefront of technology, often collaborating with national governments and international organizations.

201020 Building Products

Building Products (201020) encapsulates companies that create goods and materials used in the construction of buildings, both residential and commercial.

20102010 Building Products

Under this code (20102010), we have companies that manufacture products primarily for the construction of buildings. These products include, but are not limited to, windows, doors, HVAC systems, and roofing products.

201030 Construction & Engineering

The Construction & Engineering (201030) industry encompasses companies that offer construction and infrastructure engineering services for a wide array of projects.

20103010 Construction & Engineering

The classification 20103010 represents firms involved in the construction and engineering of a diverse range of structures, from buildings and bridges to roads and tunnels.

20106010 Construction Machinery & Heavy Transportation Equipment 201020 Building Products 201010 Aerospace & Defense 20304010 Rail Transportation 20102010 Building Products 203020 Passenger Airlines 20202030 Data Processing & Outsourced Services 2010 Capital Goods 20201050 Environmental & Facilities Services 201060 Machinery 20301010 Air Freight & Logistics 20305010 Airport Services 20305030 Marine Ports & Services 20106020 Industrial Machinery & Supplies & Components 20202020 Research & Consulting Services 201070 Trading Companies & Distributors 202020 Professional Services 2030 Transportation 203010 Air Freight & Logistics 20104020 Heavy Electrical Equipment 20304030 Cargo Ground Transportation 20201010 Commercial Printing 20304040 Passenger Ground Transportation 20101010 Aerospace & Defense 20202010 Human Resource & Employment Services 2020 Commercial & Professional Services 201050 Industrial Conglomerates 20103010 Construction & Engineering 203030 Marine Transportation 20107010 Trading Companies & Distributors 203040 Ground Transportation 201040 Electrical Equipment 20201060 Office Services & Supplies 20105010 Industrial Conglomerates 201030 Construction & Engineering 20302010 Passenger Airlines 203050 Transportation Infrastructure 20201080 Security & Alarm Services 20303010 Marine Transportation 202010 Commercial Services & Supplies 20201070 Diversified Support Services 20104010 Electrical Components & Equipment 20305020 Highways & Railtracks 20 Industrials 20106015 Agricultural & Farm Machinery

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201040 Electrical Equipment

Electrical Equipment (201040) includes companies that manufacture electrical components and heavy electrical equipment.

20104010 Electrical Components & Equipment

The Electrical Components & Equipment sub-industry (20104010) involves companies responsible for manufacturing smaller electrical components like circuits, switches, and batteries.

20104020 Heavy Electrical Equipment

Companies under Heavy Electrical Equipment (20104020) are involved in the manufacture of large-scale electrical equipment such as turbines, generators, and power grid equipment.

201050 Industrial Conglomerates

Industrial Conglomerates (201050) comprise corporations that have diverse business operations across multiple industries, including various facets of industrial production.

20105010 Industrial Conglomerates

Under the Industrial Conglomerates sub-category (20105010), corporations typically have diversified business operations and holdings across several industrial sectors, potentially spanning across different stages of production and different types of products.

201060 Machinery

The Machinery (201060) industry includes companies that manufacture and distribute various types of machinery used in construction, farming, and general industrial activities.

20106010 Construction Machinery & Heavy Trucks

This sub-industry (20106010) involves companies that produce heavy machinery and trucks used in major construction projects and related activities.

20106015 Agricultural & Farm Machinery

The Agricultural & Farm Machinery sub-category (20106015) includes companies that manufacture machinery specifically designed for farming and agricultural purposes.

20106020 Industrial Machinery

Industrial Machinery (20106020) involves companies that manufacture a wide array of machinery used in various industrial processes, such as assembly lines, manufacturing processes, and materials handling.

201070 Trading Companies & Distributors

Trading Companies & Distributors (201070) includes companies primarily engaged in the marketing and distribution of products.

20107010 Trading Companies & Distributors

Under this sub-category (20107010), companies engage in the wholesale distribution of industrial products. They may represent several different manufacturers, providing customers with a broad range of products.

2020 Commercial & Professional Services

Commercial & Professional Services (2020) includes companies that offer services directly to businesses. These services are often essential for the smooth operation of other businesses, from human resources to office supplies and consulting.

202010 Commercial Services & Supplies

Commercial Services & Supplies (202010) involves industries that provide services and supplies to other businesses. This could include printing services, office supplies, or security services.

20201010 Commercial Printing

Commercial Printing (20201010) involves companies that offer printing services on a commercial level, such as mass print runs of books, magazines, brochures, and other materials.

20201050 Environmental & Facilities Services

Environmental & Facilities Services (20201050) covers companies that offer waste management, facilities maintenance, and other related services.

20201060 Office Services & Supplies

Office Services & Supplies (20201060) includes companies that provide office supplies and services, such as stationery, office furniture, and other products essential to office operations.

20201070 Diversified Support Services

Diversified Support Services (20201070) includes companies offering a variety of support services that do not fit into other specific categories. This could include maintenance services, customer service, or logistics.

20201080 Security & Alarm Services

Security & Alarm Services (20201080) involves companies that provide security systems, alarms, and security monitoring services.

202020 Professional Services

Professional Services (202020) involve specialized services provided to businesses. This could include human resource services, consulting, or data processing.

20202010 Human Resource & Employment Services

Human Resource & Employment Services (20202010) includes companies that provide services related to the management of human resources in other companies, as well as employment agencies and services.

20202020 Research & Consulting Services

Research & Consulting Services (20202020) includes companies that offer specialized consulting and research services, providing expert advice and insights to other businesses.

20202030 Data Processing & Outsourced Services

Data Processing & Outsourced Services (20202030) involves companies that offer data processing services, such as IT infrastructure, or outsourced functions, such as customer service call centers.

2030 Transportation

The Transportation sector (2030) includes industries involved in moving goods and people. Whether it's through the air, across the sea, or on the ground, these companies connect different parts of the world.

203010 Air Freight & Logistics

Air Freight & Logistics (203010) includes companies that provide air transportation for cargo and provide logistical support.

20301010 Air Freight & Logistics

Under the classification 20301010, companies are engaged in air freight transport and logistics services, which could include courier services, air cargo handling, and air transport support services.

203020 Airlines

Airlines (203020) includes companies that provide passenger transportation via aircraft.

20302010 Passenger Airlines

The Passenger Airlines industry (20302010) includes companies that offer commercial passenger air transport. These companies may also offer cargo transport as a secondary service.

203030 Marine

Marine (203030) includes companies that provide transportation services via waterways.

20303010 Marine Transportation

Marine Transportation (20303010) includes companies that offer transportation of goods and passengers via water. These companies may also provide related services, such as cargo handling and logistics.

203040 Ground

Ground (203040) includes companies that provide ground-based transportation services, both for cargo and passengers.

20304010 Rail Transportation

Rail Transportation (20304010) includes companies that provide rail-based freight and passenger transport services.

20304030 Ground-Based Freight Transportation

Ground-Based Freight Transportation (20304030) includes companies that offer land-based cargo transport, such as trucking companies.

20304040 Passenger Ground Transportation

Passenger Ground Transportation (20304040) includes companies that provide ground-based passenger transport, such as bus services and taxi companies.

203050 Transportation Infrastructure

Transportation Infrastructure (203050) includes companies involved in the operation and maintenance of transportation infrastructure, such as airports and highways.

20305010 Airport Services

Airport Services (20305010) involves companies engaged in the operation, maintenance, and support services of airports.

20305020 Highways & Railtracks

Highways & Railtracks (20305020) includes companies that operate and maintain highways, rail tracks, and related infrastructure.

20305030 Marine Ports & Services

Marine Ports & Services (20305030) involves companies that operate and maintain marine ports and provide related services.


The Industrials sector encompasses a diverse range of industries that are integral to the functioning of both global and domestic economies. Ranging from Capital Goods production to Commercial and Professional services, the sector forms the backbone of economic infrastructure, influencing every aspect of daily life.

The sector comprises numerous sub-industries, each having its own unique attributes and role within the overall industrial framework. Understanding these distinctions within the GICS framework is crucial for investors, policy makers, and stakeholders alike.

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