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Global Industry Classification Standard (GICS) - Consumer Discretionary

Hierarchy chart of Global Industry Classification Standard (GICS) - Consumer Discretionary sector

25 Consumer Discretionary

The Consumer Discretionary sector (25) encompasses industries that tend to be most sensitive to economic cycles. Its manufacturing segment includes automotive, household durable goods, leisure equipment, and textiles & apparel. The services segment includes hotels, restaurants, and other leisure facilities, media production and services, and consumer retailing and services.

The Global Industry Classification Standard (GICS) is a widely accepted standard used by the global financial community for classifying companies into sectors and industries. It was developed by Morgan Stanley Capital International (MSCI) and Standard & Poor's (S&P), aiming to provide a comprehensive, consistent framework for investment research, portfolio management, and asset allocation.

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2510 Automobiles & Components

The Automobiles & Components industry group (2510) reflects the manufacturers of automobiles and motorcycle as well as their component parts. This group's performance can be directly tied to consumer sentiment and disposable income.

251010 Automobile Components

The Automobile Components industry (251010) involves the manufacturers of parts and accessories for automobiles and motorcycles.

25101010 Automotive Parts & Equipment

In the Automotive Parts & Equipment industry (25101010), firms are engaged in the manufacturing of parts and accessories for cars and light trucks.

25101020 Tires & Rubber

Companies within the Tires & Rubber industry (25101020) are focused on tire and rubber manufacturing for a wide range of vehicles.

251020 Automobiles

The Automobiles industry (251020) includes companies that manufacture and distribute motorcycles and passenger vehicles, such as cars and light trucks.

25102010 Automobile Manufacturers

Automobile Manufacturers (25102010) produce and distribute cars and light trucks. This industry is impacted by consumer demand and fuel prices.

25102020 Motorcycle Manufacturers

Companies in the Motorcycle Manufacturers industry (25102020) focus on the manufacturing and distribution of motorcycles.

25302020 Specialized Consumer Services 253020 Diversified Consumer Services 25 Consumer Discretionary 25102010 Automobile Manufacturers 25201020 Home Furnishings 25301030 Leisure Facilities 25203010 Apparel, Accessories & Luxury Goods 251010 Automobile Components 2550 Consumer Discretionary Distribution & Retail 25504030 Home Improvement Retail 255040 Specialty Retail 25301010 Casinos & Gaming 25302010 Education Services 25201040 Household Appliances 2530 Consumer Services 255030 Broadline Retail 252020 Leisure Products 2520 Consumer Durables & Apparel 25201010 Consumer Electronics 25504050 Automotive Retail 25201050 Housewares & Specialties 25501010 Distributors 252030 Textiles, Apparel & Luxury Goods 25203030 Textiles 25202010 Leisure Products 255010 Distributors 25203020 Footwear 25301040 Restaurants 25201030 Homebuilding 251020 Automobiles 25504060 Homefurnishing Retail 253010 Hotels, Restaurants & Leisure 25101020 Tires & Rubber 2510 Automobiles & Components 25301020 Hotels, Resorts & Cruise Lines 25101010 Automotive Parts & Equipment 252010 Household Durables 25504040 Other Specialty Retail 25504020 Computer & Electronics Retail 25503030 Broadline Retail 25504010 Apparel Retail 25102020 Motorcycle Manufacturers

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2520 Consumer Durables & Apparel

The Consumer Durables & Apparel industry group (2520) includes manufacturers of durable goods, apparel, and footwear. This industry's performance is heavily influenced by changes in consumer preferences and trends.

252010 Household Durables

The Household Durables industry (252010) comprises companies that manufacture consumer durables used for home such as consumer electronics, home furnishings, homebuilding, household appliances, and housewares & specialties.

25201010 Consumer Electronics

Consumer Electronics (25201010) includes manufacturers of electronic products used in homes or for leisure activities.

25201020 Home Furnishings

Companies within the Home Furnishings industry (25201020) focus on manufacturing home decoration items and furniture.

25201030 Homebuilding

The Homebuilding industry (25201030) includes residential construction companies.

25201040 Household Appliances

In the Household Appliances industry (25201040), firms are involved in the manufacturing of electrical and mechanical home appliances.

25201050 Housewares & Specialties

Housewares & Specialties (25201050) pertains to companies that produce specialty products used in homes.

252020 Leisure Products

The Leisure Products industry (252020) includes manufacturers of leisure products and equipment.

25202010 Leisure Products

Companies in the Leisure Products industry (25202010) are engaged in the manufacturing of products used for leisure activities.

252030 Textiles, Apparel & Luxury Goods

The Textiles, Apparel & Luxury Goods industry (252030) includes manufacturers of clothing, footwear and textiles.

25203010 Apparel, Accessories & Luxury Goods

Apparel, Accessories & Luxury Goods (25203010) comprises companies that manufacture clothing and luxury items.

25203020 Footwear

In the Footwear industry (25203020), companies are involved in the manufacturing of shoes and similar products.

25203030 Textiles

The Textiles industry (25203030) includes manufacturers of textile and related products.

2530 Consumer Services

The Consumer Services industry group (2530) includes a wide range of diverse services such as hotels, restaurants & leisure, and diversified consumer services.

253010 Hotels, Restaurants & Leisure

The Hotels, Restaurants & Leisure industry (253010) encompasses companies that provide accommodation, dining, and leisure-time activities.

25301010 Casinos & Gaming

Casinos & Gaming (25301010) includes companies providing gambling and related activities.

25301020 Hotels, Resorts & Cruise Lines

Hotels, Resorts & Cruise Lines (25301020) includes companies providing accommodation and their ancillary services.

25301030 Leisure Facilities

The Leisure Facilities industry (25301030) involves companies providing recreational facilities and services.

25301040 Restaurants

Restaurants (25301040) comprise companies that provide food services to customers.

253020 Diversified Consumer Services

The Diversified Consumer Services industry (253020) includes providers of a wide range of consumer services.

25302010 Education Services

Education Services (25302010) includes companies providing private education services.

25302020 Specialized Consumer Services

Specialized Consumer Services (25302020) comprises companies providing a range of niche consumer services.

2550 Consumer Discretionary Distribution & Retail

The Consumer Discretionary Distribution & Retail industry group (2550) includes distributors, broadline and specialty retailers.

255010 Distributors

The Distributors industry (255010) involves distributors of consumer discretionary products.

25501010 Distributors

Distributors (25501010) includes companies that distribute consumer discretionary products.

255030 Broadline Retail

The Broadline Retail industry (255030) encompasses companies that retail a broad line of merchandise.

25503030 Broadline Retail

Broadline Retail (25503030) includes retailers selling a broad range of merchandise to consumers.

255040 Specialty Retail

The Specialty Retail industry (255040) includes retailers of specific lines of merchandise.

25504010 Apparel Retail

Apparel Retail (25504010) includes retailers specializing in clothing and clothing accessories.

25504020 Computer & Electronics Retail

Computer & Electronics Retail (25504020) comprises retailers of computers, computer peripherals and consumer electronics.

25504030 Home Improvement Retail

Home Improvement Retail (25504030) includes retailers selling goods used for home improvement.

25504040 Other Specialty Retail

Other Specialty Retail (25504040) comprises retailers of specialty lines of merchandise not covered in the previous categories.

25504050 Automotive Retail

Automotive Retail (25504050) includes retailers of vehicles and automotive fuels.

25504060 Homefurnishing Retail

Homefurnishing Retail (25504060) includes retailers of home furnishing goods.


In conclusion, the Consumer Discretionary sector (25) reflects industries responsive to economic cycles, including those related to automobiles, consumer durables, consumer services, and consumer retail. The sector is sub-divided into several industries each with unique dynamics, but all highly reliant on consumer spending patterns.

It is important to note that the performance of these industries can be influenced by many factors, including economic conditions, consumer confidence, and trends in disposable income. Hence, the health of the consumer discretionary sector can often be a significant indicator of the overall state of the economy.

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