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C Corporation (C Corp) Structure Chart

C Corporation (C Corp) Structure Chart
C Corp Structure Chart

Explore the design of a C Corporation through a structure chart. This guide offers insights and examples on crafting your own chart. Show the structure of your business in a clear, visual format.

What is a C Corp Structure Chart?

A C Corp structure chart is a visual representation of the structure of a c corporation. It shows the structure of the c corporation in a vertical layout, detailing the relationships between different elements. There three broad categories of org charts: company structure charts, management charts, and hierarchy charts. A C Corp structure chart is a type of company structure chart.

Why Use a C Corp Structure Chart?

The chart can serve a variety of uses. Common use cases include due diligence, mergers and acquisitions, compliance, and governance. Instead of a single chart, you can create variations with different labels and data for specific purposes.

This structure chart is made with Lexchart, a powerful org chart software that simplifies the process of creating and customizing charts.

How to Create a C Corp Structure Chart?

Before creating a chart there are several important considerations. C Corp structure charts differ from management org charts in important ways. The number of items, connections and layout are orders of magnitude more complex. It is imperative to work with org chart software that is designed to handle that complexity.

There are fundamentally two ways to create a c corporation structure chart: from scratch or from a data import.

Creating a C Corporation Structure Chart from Scratch

Each application has its own way of creating a chart from scratch. Lexchart has a powerful chart tool which makes the process simple.

Importing Data to Create a C Corporation Structure Chart

Importing data is an efficient way to create a chart. Lexchart supports importing data from CSV, which is available in Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets and most spreadsheet and database applications. The data should be structured as a series of pairwise relationships between a parent and child (subsidiary) entity.

Next Steps

Ready to create your own c corporation structure chart? Get started with Lexchart's free trial. You can also explore example charts in our gallery.

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