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Agile org chart

Agile organization chart
Agile organization chart

An agile org chart is a visual representation of an organization's structure that is designed to align with the principles of agile management. It typically has a flat structure, with minimal hierarchy and bureaucracy, and emphasizes self-organizing teams.

In an agile org chart, there is usually a clear distinction between the roles of product owner and the development team. The product owner is responsible for defining the product vision and prioritizing the backlog of features and requirements, while the development team is responsible for delivering working software.

The chart also emphasizes cross-functional teams, which are composed of individuals with diverse skills who work together to deliver product incrementally. This includes members from development, design, testing, and other functions.

Consumer Application Business Development QA Quality Assurance Industrial Agile Coach Commercial Agile Coach Designer Consumer Scrum Master Consumer Agile Coach UX Designer Commercial Scrum Master System Engineer Product Manager iOS Developer Commercial Application Android Developer Testing Industrial Scrum Master Leadership Industrial Device Fabricator Marketing UI Designer Distribution Alliance Manager

It also includes Scrum Master role and Agile Coach role, which helps to guide and facilitate the team's adherence to the Agile methodology and principles, and remove any obstacles that may arise during the development process.

Overall, an agile org chart is designed to be flexible and adaptable, with a focus on delivering value to customers through rapid iteration and continuous improvement.

This chart is made with Lexchart for automatic organization charts.

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