Real Estate LLC with Multiple Properties

Free organization chart template for a single real estate holding company with direct ownership of a multiple property portfolio.

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LLC holding company for multiple real estate investments

There is no requirement that investors form a new Limited Liability Company for each property. An LLC can own more than one piece of real estate. This simplifies the legal management requirements necessitated by multiple LLCs. However, the risk the to the LLC is magnified, because the liabilities arising from each property can now reach the entire real estate portfolio.

In this real estate ownership structure, Real Estate Parent, LLC owns timber land, agricultural land, a multi-family (apartment) building, and a commercial office building.

The members of the LLC have corporate liability protection regardless of the number of properties. The value of their investment is at risk from the spillover of liabilities.

Acquiring new properties is simplified. The entity owns each new property directly.

You can read more about real estate investment with limited liability companies.

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