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Meta (Facebook) Organization Structure

Meta Platforms (Facebook) Organization Chart
Meta Platforms (Facebook) Organization Chart

Meta Platforms, Inc., formerly known as Facebook, trades publicly on Nasdaq under the ticker symbol FB. Mark Zuckerberg controls Meta through a combination of Class A and Class B shares.

Peggy Alford Title Director Tracey T. Travis Title Director Facebook Facebook Holdings, LLC Jurisdiction Ireland Scout Development LLC Jurisdiction Ireland Officers Sidecat LLC Jurisdiction Delaware Stadion LLC Jurisdiction Delaware Nancy Killefer Title Director Cassin Networks ApS Jurisdiction Denmark Vanguard Facebook Payments Inc. Jurisdiction Delaware Vitesse, LLC Jurisdiction Delaware Siculus, Inc. Jurisdiction Delaware Robert M. Kimmitt Title Director Instagram Raven Northbrook LLC Jurisdiction Sweden Facebook Operations, LLC Starbelt LLC Jurisdiction Delaware Andrew W. Houston Title Director Marne L. Levine Title Chief Business Officer Morning Hornet LLC Jurisdiction Ireland Beneficial Owners Facebook UK Limited Jurisdiction Delaware WhatsApp LLC Jurisdiction Delaware Hibiscus Properties, LLC Jurisdiction Delaware Facebook Technologies, LLC Jurisdiction Florida Meta Platforms, Inc. (FB) Jurisdiction Delaware David M. Wehner Title Chief Financial Officer Eduardo Saverin Instagram, LLC Jurisdiction Delaware Officers & Directors Novi Financial, Inc. Jurisdiction Delaware Winner LLC Jurisdiction Delaware Mark Zuckerberg Title Chairman Title Chief Executive Officer Meta Platforms Ireland Limited Jurisdiction Delaware Christopher K. Cox Title Chief Product Officer FCL Tech Limited Jurisdiction United Kingdom WhatsApp Runways Information Services Ltd Jurisdiction Delaware Directors Sheryl K. Sandberg Title Chief Operating Officer Title Director Pinnacle Sweden AB Jurisdiction Delaware Peter A. Thiel Title Director Marc L. Andreessen Title Director Tony Xu Title Director Edge Network Services Limited Jurisdiction Delaware FMR Greater Kudu LLC Jurisdiction Ireland BlackRock 5,527  Class A Shares 181,965,468  Class A Shares 7.90% Class A Percent 2.80% Voting Power 81,039  Class A Shares 4,947  Class A Shares 158,128,797  Class A Shares 6.90% Class A Percent 2.50% Voting Power 128,193,375  Class A Shares 5.60% Class A Percent 2.00% Voting Power 5,594  Class A Shares 7,535,009  Class A Shares 45,928,139  Class B Shares 11.10% Class B Percent 7.30% Voting Power 45,380  Class A Shares 311,062  Class A Shares 1,495,605  Class A Shares 5,901  Class A Shares 594  Class A Shares 13,893  Class A Shares 831,706 Class A Shares 349,745,790 Class B Shares 84.70% Class B Percent 54.40% Class B Voting Power 16,297,639 Class B Subject to Voting Proxy 3.90% Class B Percent Subject to Voting Proxy 2.50% Class B Voting Power Subject to Voting Proxy 366,043,429 Total Class B Shares 88.70% Total Class B Percent 56.90% Total Voting Power 5,594  Class A Shares 33,262  Class A Shares Note: This chart shows selected owners and subsidiaries. Elements are modified to improve the design of the chart. The chart may not reflect actual legal entities or relationships. Do not rely on this chart for financial, legal, or investment decisions. Sources: 10-K and Proxy Statement. Copyright 2022.

This organizational chart shows the ownership structure of Meta Platforms, including officers, directors, and beneficial owners. The chart illustrates the extent of Zuckerberg's control in contrast to Sheryl Sandberg, Eduardo Saverin, and even large investment firms like BlackRock and Vanguard.

Officers ownership of Meta (Facebook)

The named executive officers of Meta own exclusively Class A shares, excluding Mark Zuckerberg who owns both Class A and Class B shares. None of the officers has more than 1% of the outstanding Class A shares, including Zuckerberg.

Officer Title Class A Class B
Mark Zuckerberg Chairman & CEO 831,706 366,043,429
Sheryl K. Sandberg Chief Operating Officer 1,495,605
David M. Wehner Chief Financial Officer 81,039
Christopher K. Cox Chief Product Officer 311,062
Marne L. Levine Chief Business Officer 33,262

Mark Zuckerberg's Class B shares include 16,297,639 which are subject to voting proxy. Mark Zuckerberg's voting power in Meta Platforms (Facebook) is 56.9%.

Beneficial owners of Meta (Facebook)

The beneficial owners of Meta Platforms have more than 2% of the voting control.

Owner Class A Class B Voting Power
Eduardo Saverin 7,535,009 45,928,139 7.3%
BlackRock 158,128,797 2.5%
Vanguard 181,965,468 2.8%
FMR 128,193,375 2.0%

As a percentage of Class A shares, BlackRock has 6.9%, Vanguard 7.9%, and FMR 5.6%.


This organizational structure chart of Meta Platforms (Facebook) was generated automatically from public data courtesy of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) with modifications as described on the chart.

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