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Goldman Sachs Subsidiaries [2022]

Goldman Sachs reported subsidiaries
Goldman Sachs reported subsidiaries

Goldman Sachs trades publicly on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) under the ticker symbol GS. Exhibit 21.1 shows the global reach of Goldman Sachs' legal structure.

This company structure chart shows the subsidiaries of Goldman Sachs.

Goldman Sachs Holdings (Hong Kong) Limited Goldman Sachs Japan Co., Ltd. GS Funding Europe VI Ltd Goldman Sachs International Bank Mercer Investments (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. Goldman Sachs Asset Management Co., Ltd. Goldman Sachs Holdings (Asia Pacific) Limited GS Fund Holdings, L.L.C. GS Lending Partners Holdings LLC Goldman Sachs Asset Management International The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. GSAM Holdings LLC Goldman Sachs PSI Global Holdings, LLC Broad Street Equity Investments Europe Ltd GS Financial Services II, LLC ELQ Lux Holding S.A R.L. Goldman Sachs Australia Pty Ltd GS Asian Venture (Delaware) L.L.C. Special Situations Investing Group III, Inc. Goldman Sachs (Japan) Ltd. ELQ Investors II Ltd Goldman Sachs Bank USA Goldman Sachs (Asia) Corporate Holdings L.L.C. Special Situations Investing Group II, LLC GLQ Broad Street Holdings Ltd. GLQC II Designated Activity Company Broad Street Brazil Ltd Goldman Sachs Asset Management International Holdings L.L.C. J. Aron & Company (Singapore) Pte. Goldman Sachs Holdings ANZ Pty Limited Goldman Sachs Holdings (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. ELQ Investors VI Ltd Goldman Sachs Funding LLC ALQ Holdings (Del) LLC Goldman Sachs Asset Management International Holdings Ltd Goldman Sachs Financial Markets Pty Ltd Broad Street Principal Investments, L.L.C. Goldman Sachs Asia Strategic Pte. Ltd. Asia Investing Holdings Pte. Ltd. Goldman Sachs International Goldman Sachs UK Funding Limited Goldman Sachs Group UK Limited GS European Funding S.A R.L. MTGLQ Investors, L.P. GS Funding Europe I Ltd. Goldman Sachs & Co. LLC Broad Street Credit Holdings LLC GLQ Holdings (UK) Ltd GSSG Holdings LLC ELQ Investors VIII Ltd GSAMI Holdings I Ltd GLQ International Holdings Ltd Goldman Sachs Asset Management, L.P. GS Funding Europe V Limited Goldman Sachs (UK) L.L.C. Goldman Sachs Bank Europe SE GSAMI Holdings II Ltd J. Aron & Company LLC Broad Street Credit Investments Europe S.A R.L. Goldman Sachs Group Holdings (U.K.) Limited Goldman Sachs Lending Partners LLC Goldman Sachs Specialty Lending Group, L.P. Broad Street Principal Investments Superholdco LLC BSCH III Designated Activity Company Goldman Sachs Mortgage Company GLQL S.A R.L. GLQ International Partners LP Broad Street Principal Credit Strategies, L.P. Goldman Sachs Asia Strategic II Pte. Ltd. Note: This chart shows selected ownership, management, and governance information based on public filings and information about the entities. The chart might not reflect actual legal entities or relationships accurately. Do not rely on this chart for financial, legal, or investment advice. Sources: 10-Ks, Proxy Statements and related information. Copyright 2023.

Learn more about company structure charts with the Ultimate Guide to Company Structure Charts. This chart is made with Lexchart for automatic organization charts. This link includes a version of the chart that support panning and zooming to explore the chart in more detail.

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