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Goldman Sachs Ownership

Goldman Sachs ownership structure chart with beneficial owners, officers, and directors
Goldman Sachs ownership structure chart

This company ownership chart for Goldman Sachs shows the beneficial owners, directors, and named executive officers. Beneficial owners are disclosed above 5% ownership percent. Goldman Sachs trades publicly on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) under the ticker symbol GS.

For officers and directors, the chart shows both common stock and restricted stock unit.

Michele Burns 24,468 Common Stock 24,468 RSUs Kimberley Harris 671 Common Stock 671 RSUs Kathryn Ruemmler 2,167 Common Stock 0 RSUs Mark Winkelman 107,172 Common Stock 17,172 RSUs BlackRock, Inc. 23,795,471 Common Stock 7 Percent Jessica Uhl 503 Common Stock 503 RSUs Peter Oppenheimer 22,151 Common Stock 20,151 RSUs Beneficial Owners Officers & Directors 1,939,578 Common Stock 345,142 RSUs The Vanguard Group 26,131,505 Common Stock 7.7 Percent Adebayo Ogunlesi 27,204 Common Stock 25,204 RSUs David Solomon 123,205 Common Stock 0 RSUs John Waldron 70,631 Common Stock 0 RSUs Stephen Scherr 133,001 Common Stock 45,215 RSUs David Viniar 972,180 Common Stock David Viniar(d) 19,776 RSUs Philip Berlinski 68,312 Common Stock 39,572 RSUs Drew Faust 5,471 Common Stock 5,471 RSUs State Street Corporation 21,531,387 Common Stock 6.4 Percent Ellen Kullman 10,746 Common Stock 10,746 RSUs Lakshmi Mittal 50,393 Common Stock 35,393 RSUs Mark Flaherty 15,432 Common Stock 14,417 RSUs Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. Jan Tighe 4,802 Common Stock 4,802 RSUs Note: This chart shows selected ownership, management, and governance information based on public filings and information about the entities. The chart might not reflect actual legal entities or relationships accurately. Do not rely on this chart for financial, legal, or investment advice. Sources: 10-Ks, Proxy Statements and related information. Copyright 2023.

Learn more about company structure charts with the Ultimate Guide to Company Structure Charts. This chart is made with Lexchart for automatic organization charts.

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