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General Electric (GE) Spin-Offs

General Electric (GE) Spin-Offs
GE Ownership Structure Prior to Spin Off

In 2024, General Electric completed its spin-offs to form three distinct businesses, which are publicly traded.


General Electric (GE) has completed its break up into three different companies:

  • GE Healthcare
  • GE Aerospace
  • GE Vernova

GE HealthCare

GE Healthcare is a global leader in medical technology and diagnostics, with a broad portfolio of products and services that help healthcare providers diagnose and treat patients more effectively. The company's products include medical imaging systems, patient monitoring devices, and diagnostic equipment.

GE Healthcare trades under the ticker symbol GEHC on the NASDAQ.

GE Aerospace

GE Aerospace is a leading provider of aerospace systems and services, with a focus on commercial and military aircraft. The company's products include engines, avionics, and other systems that help aircraft operate safely and efficiently.

GE Aerospace retains the GE ticker symbol after the split. It trades on the NYSE.

GE Vernova

GE Vernova is a new company focused on sustainable energy solutions, including wind, solar, and other renewable energy technologies. The company is committed to developing innovative products that help reduce carbon emissions and combat climate change.

In the words of GE Vernova:

GE Vernova is a purpose-built company driving electrification and decarbonization. Electricity is crucial to modern civilization and improved quality of life. We help customers create a more sustainable world by delivering products and services that generate, transfer, orchestrate, convert, and store electricity. With approximately 30% of the world’s electricity generated by our customers using our technologies, GE Vernova is uniquely positioned to lead customers through the energy transition, solving for the energy trilemma of reliability, affordability, and sustainability. Our diverse and experienced leadership team brings deep industry and public company expertise to drive long-term shareholder value.

GE Vernova trades under the ticker symbol GEV on the NYSE.

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GE before the split

The following table shows the top shareholders of General Electric (GE) as of its latest proxy statement before the split along with the three GE units. The table shows GE HealthCare as a subsidiary of General Electric even though the GE HealthCare spin off was completed in 2023:

Child Parent Shares %
General Electric (GE) Directors 4,040,481
General Electric (GE) Named Executives 3,012,649
General Electric (GE) The Vanguard Group 88,439,179 8.1
General Electric (GE) Capital Research Global Investors 83,088,317 7.6
General Electric (GE) BlackRock, Inc. 69,616,808 6.4
General Electric (GE) Fidelity Management & Research 66,923,455 6.1
General Electric (GE) Capital International Investors 54,571,505 5.0
GE Aerospace General Electric (GE)
GE Vernova General Electric (GE)
GE Healthcare General Electric (GE)

GE Aerospace Beneficial Ownership

Sébastien Bazin Isabella Goren Capital Research Shares 83,088,317 Percent 7.6% H. Lawrence Culp, Jr. Shares 1,955,661 Thomas Enders Fidelity Mgmt & Research Shares 66,923,455 Percent 6.1% Michael Holston Shares 148,468 Officers Shares 3,012,649 Paula Rosput Reynolds Shares 6,100 BlackRock, Inc. Shares 69,616,808 Percent 6.4% Rahul Ghai Shares 15,985 Carolina Dybeck Happe Shares 95,133 Jessica Uhl Beneficial Owners Shares 362,639,264 Percent 33.2% Directors Shares 4,040,481 Officers & Directors Shares 7,253,324 Thomas Horton Shares 6,906 Edward Garden Shares 4,016,414 Margaret Billson Stephen Angel Shares 11,061 Russell Stokes Shares 382,025 Catherine Lesjak Darren McDew L. Kevin Cox Shares 415,377 GE Aerospace Capital International Shares 54,571,505 Percent 5.0% The Vanguard Group Shares 88,439,179 Percent 8.1%

The following table shows the beneficial owners of GE Aerospace as of its latest proxy statement:

Child Parent Shares Percent
Directors Officers & Directors 4,040,481
Stephen Angel Directors 11,061
Sébastien Bazin Directors
Margaret Billson Directors
Thomas Enders Directors
Edward Garden Directors 4,016,414
Isabella Goren Directors
Thomas Horton Directors 6,906
Catherine Lesjak Directors
Darren McDew Directors
Paula Rosput Reynolds Directors 6,100
Jessica Uhl Directors
Officers Officers & Directors 3,012,649
H. Lawrence Culp, Jr. Officers 1,955,661
Rahul Ghai Officers 15,985
Carolina Dybeck Happe Officers 95,133
Russell Stokes Officers 382,025
Michael Holston Officers 148,468
L. Kevin Cox Officers 415,377
Officers & Directors GE Aerospace 7,253,324
Beneficial Owners GE Aerospace 362,639,264 33.2%
The Vanguard Group Beneficial Owners 88,439,179 8.1%
Capital Research Beneficial Owners 83,088,317 7.6%
BlackRock, Inc. Beneficial Owners 69,616,808 6.4%
Fidelity Mgmt & Research Beneficial Owners 66,923,455 6.1%
Capital International Beneficial Owners 54,571,505 5.0%

GE HealthCare Beneficial Ownership

GE HealthCare Lloyd W. Howell, Jr. Stock 3,584 Percent <1< tspan=""> Directors Stock 726,856 Percent <1< tspan=""> Beneficial Owners Stock 157,250,429 Percent 34.5 James Saccaro Percent <1< tspan=""> General Electric Company Stock 30,531,302 Percent 6.7 Risa Lavizzo-Mourey Stock 4,625 Percent <1< tspan=""> Helmut Zodl Stock 14 Percent <1< tspan=""> Catherine Lesjak Stock 3,584 Percent <1< tspan=""> Phoebe L. Yang Stock 3,584 Percent <1< tspan=""> Peter J. Arduini Stock 50,264 Percent <1< tspan=""> Officers Stock 215,930 Percent <1< tspan=""> William J. Stromberg Stock 4,992 Percent <1< tspan=""> Rodney F. Hochman Stock 4,798 Percent <1< tspan=""> Anne T. Madden Stock 4,798 Percent <1< tspan=""> Officers and Directors Stock 1,209,596 Percent <1< tspan=""> H. Lawrence Culp, Jr. Stock 693,307 Percent <1< tspan=""> Frank R. Jimenez Stock 18,037 Percent <1< tspan=""> Taha Kass-Hout Stock 16,964 Percent <1< tspan=""> Jan Makela Stock 130,651 Percent <1< tspan=""> Tomislav Mihaljevic Stock 3,584 Percent <1< tspan=""> BlackRock Inc. Stock 28,870,429 Percent 6.3 The Vanguard Group Stock 46,503,979 Percent 10.2 Capital Research Stock 51,344,719 Percent 11.3

The following tables shows the beneficial owners of GE HealthCare as of its [latest proxy statement]https://www.sec.gov/ix?doc=/Archives/edgar/data/0001932393/000193239324000022/gehc-20240404.htm):

Child Parent Total Stock Percent
Directors Officers and Directors 726,856
H. Lawrence Culp, Jr. Directors 693,307
Rodney F. Hochman Directors 4,798
Lloyd W. Howell, Jr. Directors 3,584
Anne T. Madden Directors 4,798
Tomislav Mihaljevic Directors 3,584
Risa Lavizzo-Mourey Directors 4,625
Catherine Lesjak Directors 3,584
William J. Stromberg Directors 4,992
Phoebe L. Yang Directors 3,584
Officers Officers and Directors 215,930
Peter J. Arduini Officers 50,264
Frank R. Jimenez Officers 18,037
Taha Kass-Hout Officers 16,964
Jan Makela Officers 130,651
James Saccaro Officers
Helmut Zodl Officers 14
Officers and Directors GE HealthCare 1,209,596
Beneficial Owners GE HealthCare 157,250,429 34.5
Capital Research Beneficial Owners 51,344,719 11.3
The Vanguard Group Beneficial Owners 46,503,979 10.2
General Electric Company Beneficial Owners 30,531,302 6.7
BlackRock Inc. Beneficial Owners 28,870,429 6.3

GE Vernova Beneficial Ownership

Paula R. Reynolds Shares 1,525 Percent <1< tspan=""> Arnold Donald Shares 6 Percent <1< tspan=""> Steven Baert Jesus Malave Nicholas Akins Shares 25 Percent <1< tspan=""> Scott Strazik Shares 56,860 Percent <1< tspan=""> Rachel Gonzalez The Vanguard Group Shares 22,109,795 Percent 8.1 Kenneth Parks BlackRock, Inc. Shares 17,404,202 Percent 6.4 Capital International Shares 13,642,876 Percent 5.0 Kim Rucker GE Vernova Capital Research Shares 20,772,079 Percent 7.6 Stephen Angel Shares 2,765 Percent <1< tspan=""> Matthew Harris Shares 629 Percent <1< tspan=""> Maví Zingoni FMR LLC Shares 16,730,864 Percent 6.1 Officers and Directors Shares 61,810 Percent <1< tspan=""> Beneficial Owners Shares 90,659,816 Percent 33.2

The following table shows the beneficial owners of GE Vernova as of its S-1 Registration Statement:

Child Shares Percent
Officers and Directors GE Vernova 61,810
Scott Strazik Officers and Directors 56,860
Kenneth Parks Officers and Directors
Maví Zingoni Officers and Directors
Rachel Gonzalez Officers and Directors
Steven Baert Officers and Directors
Nicholas Akins Officers and Directors 25
Stephen Angel Officers and Directors 2,765
Arnold Donald Officers and Directors 6
Matthew Harris Officers and Directors 629
Jesus Malave Officers and Directors
Paula R. Reynolds Officers and Directors 1,525
Kim Rucker Officers and Directors
Beneficial Owners GE Vernova 90,659,816 33.2
The Vanguard Group Beneficial Owners 22,109,795 8.1
Capital Research Beneficial Owners 20,772,079 7.6
BlackRock, Inc. Beneficial Owners 17,404,202 6.4
FMR LLC Beneficial Owners 16,730,864 6.1
Capital International Beneficial Owners 13,642,876 5.0


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