What is an organogram?

Organogram showing technology development company
Organogram example showing technology development organization

An organogram is a visual representation of an organizational structure. There are two types of organograms: management organograms and company organograms.

Management organogram

A management organogram shows the relationships between different departments, units, and roles within the organization. The organogram typically includes positions in the organization and the reporting relationships between those positions. It can be a useful tool for visualizing and understanding the roles and responsibilities within an organization.

Organogram organized by department
Organogram organized by department

Company organogram

While less common, a company organogram can be used to show the shareholders of a corporation or the members of a limited liability company. The organogram can be modified to include information about the ownership structure of the company, such as the percentage of ownership held by each shareholder or member. This can be useful for demonstrating the distribution of ownership and decision-making power within the company.

Company organogram for an LLC
Company organogram for an LLC


Organograms fit within the broader context of company structure charts. Lexchart can create any type of organogram.

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