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VISA Organizational Structure

Visa Organizational Structure
Visa Organizational Structure

Who owns the company VISA, Inc.? Visa trades publicly on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol NYSE: V. As a large, public company there are many shareholders, but who owns and controls VISA?

Alfred F. Kelly, Jr. Chair & CEO Visa Worldwide Pte. Ltd. Singapore Vanguard Directors shares exclude Alfred Kelly Domestic Visa Europe Limited United Kingdom Officers Visa Int'l Holdings, Inc. Delaware Visa Int'l Holdings Ltd. United Kingdom International Visa U.S.A. Inc. Delaware VISA INC. Delaware Ryan McInerney President Vasant Prabhu Chief Financial Officer Rajat Taneja President, Technology Kelly Mahon Tullier CP&AO, & Corporate Secretary Visa Int'l Service Assoc. Delaware BlackRock 162,040 Class A Shares 584,494 Class A Shares Avail. 60 days 746,534 Total Class A Stock 10-Feb-21 Date of Schedule 13G/A Filing 144,092,407 Shares 8.50% Percent of Class 0 Sole Power to Vote 2,957,238 Shared Power to Vote 136,515,903 Sole Power to Dispose 7,576,504 Shared Power to Dispose 179,862 Class A Shares 575,370 Class A Shares Avail. 60 days 755,232 Total Class A Stock 43,015 Class A Shares 181,459 Class A Shares Avail. 60 days 224,474 Total Class A Stock 73,312 Class A Shares 398,355 Class A Shares Avail. 60 days 471,667 Total Class A Stock 267,614 Total Class A Stock 1-Feb-21 Date of Schedule 13G/A Filing 127,158,232 Shares 7.50% Percent of Class 109,504,379 Sole Power to Vote 0 Shared Power to Vote 127,158,232 Sole Power to Dispose 0 Shared Power to Dispose 272,074 Class A Shares 450,924 Class A Shares Avail. 60 days 722,998 Total Class A Stock VISA (NYSE: V) Representations based on available information from SEC filings, 10-K exhibit 21 and Proxy Statement. Structure may not represent actual legal ownership based on public disclosures.

This chart of VISA's organizational structure shows two owners and two groups of owners: members of the Board of Directors, the named executive officers, BlackRock, and Vanguard.

Board of Directors ownership

Directors, excluding Alfred Kelly, own 267,614 Class A shares, which is not a material percent of the outstanding shares.

Alfred Kelly sits on the Board of Directors and is the President & CEO. This company organization chart shows an ownership line from the pool of directors to VISA, Inc. The Class A shares noted on that line, exclude the Class A shares owned by Alfred Kelly. The company org chart shows his connection to the Board of Directors and to the group of officers.

Officers ownership

The Officers have disclosed holdings for Class A shares as beneficial owners that are vested and those that are available within 60 days of the SEC filing:

Officer Title Shares 60 days Total
Alfred Kelly Chair & CEO 179,862 575,370 755,232
Ryan McInerney President 162,040 584,494 746,534
Rajat Taneja President, Technology 272,074 450,924 722,998
Vasant Prabhu Chief Financial Officer 73,312 398,355 471,667
Kelly Tullier CP&AO & Corp. Secretary 43,015 181,459 224,474

Outside Beneficial Owners

Two mutual fund companies - The Vanguard Group and BlackRock – own enough shares to require disclosure as beneficial owners. The Vanguard Group has 8.5% of Class A shares. BlackRock owns 7.5% of Class A shares.

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