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Simon Property Group (NYSE: SPG) ownership structure chart

Simon Property Group Company Structure
Simon Property Group Company Structure

This chart shows the company structure for Simon Property Group, trading on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol SPG. Simon Property Group is a publicly traded real estate investment trust (REIT).

Simon Property Group, Inc. (a Delaware corporation) and Simon Property Group, L.P. (a Delaware limited partnership) file a single 10-K with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Officers & Directors Vanguard Group Location Pennsylvania Simon Property Group (Illinois), L.P. Jurisdiction Illinois State Street Corp Location Massachusetts David Simon Silver Merger Sub 1, LLC Jurisdiction Delaware SPG Mayflower, LLC Jurisdiction Delaware Silver Merger Sub 2, LLC Jurisdiction Delaware Global Simon Property Group, Inc. Jurisdiction Delaware The Retail Property Trust Jurisdiction Massachusetts Simon Property Group Administrative Services, L.P. Jurisdiction Delaware Simon Property Group, L.P. Jurisdiction Delaware Kravco Simon Investments, L.P. Jurisdiction Pennsylvania Simon Global Development B.V. Jurisdiction Netherlands Simon Property Group Admin. Services, L.P. Jurisdiction Delaware M.S. Management Associates, Inc. Jurisdiction Delaware Premium Outlet Partners, L.P. Jurisdiction Delaware Simon International S.a.r.l. Jurisdiction Luxembourg Simon Property Group (Texas), L.P. Jurisdiction Texas Silver Merger Herbert Simon Simon MAC S.a.r.l. Jurisdiction Luxembourg Cohen & Steers, Inc. Location New York BlackRock Location New York 35,039,594 Shares 10.67% Common (%) 1,445,751 Shares 0.41% Common (%) David & Herbert Simon excluded 22,346,774 Shares 6.81% Common (%) 28,819,322 Shares 8.12% Common (%) 26,753,553 Units 7.12% Units (%) 47,545,983 Shares 14.48% Common (%) 779,624 Units 0.21% Units (%) David & Herbert Simon excluded 21,369,438 Shares 6.51% Common (%) Note: This chart shows selected owners and subsidiaries. Elements are modified to improve the design of the chart. The chart may not reflect actual legal entities or relationships. Do not rely on this chart for financial, legal, or investment decisions. Sources: 10-K and Proxy Statement. Copyright 2022

This chart has several interesting characteristics. As a REIT it shows both a parent corporation and the limited partnership. The blue entities highlight the insider or controlling interests in the organization. The chart reveals the ultimate owners, David Simon and Herbert Simon, along with the outside investors:

  • The Vanguard Group,
  • State Street,
  • BlackRock, and
  • Cohen & Steers.

This chart uses curved links among the legal entities instead of elbow connectors, because curved connections show the ownership complexity more clearly. Elbow connectors would all overlap in a channel. Lexchart automatically shows the complexity.

The gray cards (legal entities) and links show the outside investors in Simon Property Group. The red and blue links distinguish between the interests held by Simon Property Group, Inc. and Simon Property Group, L.P.

The "Global" and "Silver Merger" are just used to enhance the design and clarity of the chart.

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