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Marathon Oil Organizational Structure

Marathon Oil Organizational Structure
Marathon Oil Organizational Structure

Marathon Oil Corp trades publicly on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol MRO. While Lee Tillman is the Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer, the ownership and control picture is more complicated.

EF Type Group State Street Corporation Marathon Oil EF LLC Jurisdiction Delaware M. Elise Hyland Brent J. Smolik Atlantic Methanol Marcela E. Donadio Board of Directors Equatorial Guinea LNG Company, S.A. Jurisdiction Equatorial Guinea Marathon E.G. LNG Holding Limited Jurisdiction Cayman Islands Equatorial Guinea LNG Train 1, S.A. Jurisdiction Equatorial Guinea Equatorial Guinea Type Group Marathon Oil Company Jurisdiction Ohio Equatorial Guinea LNG Holdings Limited Jurisdiction Bahamas AMPCO Services, L.L.C. Jurisdiction Michigan The Vanguard Group Marathon Oil Corporation Jurisdiction Delaware Michael A. Henderson Title EVP Operations AMPCO Chadwick C. Deaton Alba Type Group Marathon E.G. Holding Limited Jurisdiction Cayman Islands Marathon E.G. International Limited Jurisdiction Cayman Islands Marathon Oil Permian LLC Jurisdiction Delaware J. Kent Wells Lee M. Tillman Title Chairman, President & CEO Alba Plant LLC Jurisdiction Cayman Islands Marathon Oil Investment LLC Jurisdiction Delaware Oil Type Group BlackRock, Inc. Marathon E.G. Production Limited Jurisdiction Cayman Islands Marathon International Investment LLC Jurisdiction Texas Atlantic Methanol Associates LLC Jurisdiction Cayman Islands Jason B. Few Marathon Oil EF II LLC Jurisdiction Delaware International Type Group Equatorial Guinea LNG E.G. Global LNG Services, Ltd. Jurisdiction Delaware Kimberly O. Warnica Title EVP, General Counsel & Secretary Marathon West Texas Holdings LLC Jurisdiction Delaware Alba Associates LLC Jurisdiction Cayman Islands Dane E. Whitehead Title EVP & CFO Hotchkis and Wiley Capital Management Holli C. Ladhani Atlantic Methanol Production Company LLC Jurisdiction Cayman Islands Marathon International Oil Company Jurisdiction Delaware Named Executive Officers MOC Portfolio Delaware, Inc. Jurisdiction Delaware Patrick J. Wagner Title EVP, Corporate Dev. & Strategy Equatorial Guinea LNG Operations, S.A. Jurisdiction Equatorial Guinea Marathon Oil Corp Ticker MRO Jurisdiction Delaware Alba Equatorial Guinea Partnership, L.P. Jurisdiction Delaware AMPCO Marketing, L.L.C. Jurisdiction Michigan 40,888 Options 40,888 Shares 19,945 Options 19,945 Shares 14,126 Unrestricted 14,126 Shares 25,645 Unrestricted 66,453 Options 92,098 Shares 17,235 Options 17,235 Shares 137,126 Unrestricted 22,922 Restricted 102,746 Options 262,794 Shares 6.16% Percent 47,960,662 Shares 58,389 Unrestricted 57,306 Restricted 247,770 Options 363,465 Shares 143,548 Unrestricted 71,633 Restricted 342,673 Options 557,854 Shares 6.65% Percent 51,781,565 Shares 11.13% Percent 86,650,632 Shares 6.20% Percent 47,975,299 Shares 496,845 Unrestricted 1,628,641 Options 2,125,486 Shares 20,263 Unrestricted 67,058 Options 87,321 Shares 14,373 Unrestricted 39,088 Options 53,461 Shares 41,129 Options 41,129 Shares Note: This chart shows selected owners and subsidiaries. Elements are modified to improve the design of the chart. The chart may not reflect actual legal entities or relationships. Do not rely on this chart for financial, legal, or investment decisions. Sources: 10-K and Proxy Statement. Copyright 2022

This chart of the organizational structure of Marathon Oil shows that none of the officers or directors have more than 1% of the outstanding shares of MRO.

Board of Directors ownership of Marathon Oil

The shares owned by members of the Board of Directors, excluding Lee Tillman, are as follows:

Director Unrestricted Options Total Shares
Chadwick C. Deaton 25,645 66,453 92,098
Marcela E. Donadio 20,263 67,058 87,321
Jason B. Few 40,888 40,888
M. Elise Hyland 14,373 39,088 53,461
Holli C. Ladhani 17,235 17,235
Brent J. Smolik 19,945 19,945
J. Kent Wells 41,129 41,129

Named Executive Officers ownership of Marathon Oil

The named executive officers, including Lee Tillman, control significantly more stock as a group than the directors, but not enough to exceed 1% of the outstanding shares:

Officer Unrestricted Restricted Options Total
Lee M. Tillman
Chairman, President & CEO
496,845 1,628,641 2,125,486
Michael A. Henderson
EVP Operations
137,126 22,922 102,746 262,794
Patrick J. Wagner
EVP, Corporate Dev. & Strategy
58,389 57,306 247,770 363,465
Kimberly O. Warnica
EVP, General Counsel & Secretary
14,126 14,126
Dane E. Whitehead
143,548 71,633 342,673 557,854

Beneficial Owners

There are four beneficial owners, each owning more than 1% of the shares outstanding: Vanguard, Hotchkis & Wiley, BlackRock, and State Street:

Beneficial Owners Percent Shares
The Vanguard Group 11.13% 86,650,632
Hotchkis & Wiley Capital 6.65% 51,781,565
BlackRock, Inc. 6.20% 47,975,299
State Street Corporation 6.16% 47,960,662


This organizational structure chart of Marathon Oil was generated automatically from public data courtesy of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

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