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Delta Air Lines Corporate Structure

Delta Air Lines Organizational Structure
Delta Air Lines Organizational Structure

This chart shows the company ownership structure for Delta Air Lines, Inc., trading on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) under the ticker symbol DAL. Delta Air Lines is one of the largest airlines in the world.

Delta Air Lines is a Delaware corporation with its headquarters in the state of Georgia in the United States based on its Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filings.

SkyMiles IP Ltd. Jurisdiction Cayman Islands Peter W. Carter Jurisdiction EVP & CLO and Corp. Secretary Named Officers Role Group Glen W. Hauenstein Title President Services Role Group Delta Air Lines, Inc. Jurisdiction Delaware Directors Role Group SkyMiles Role Group Delta Professional Services, LLC Jurisdiction Delaware Edward H. Bastian Title Chief Executive Officer MIPC, LLC Jurisdiction Delaware The Vanguard Group Monroe Energy, LLC Jurisdiction Delaware Delta Flight Products, LLC Jurisdiction Delaware Other Officers Delta Vacations, LLC Jurisdiction Minnesota DAL Global Technology Hub LLP Jurisdiction India SkyMiles IP Finance Ltd. Jurisdiction Cayman Islands Alain M. Bellemare Title EVP & President - International Aero Assurance Ltd. Jurisdiction Vermont BlackRock, Inc. Daniel C. Janki Title EVP & CFO SkyMiles IP Holdings Ltd. Jurisdiction Cayman Islands Officers Delta Material Services, LLC Jurisdiction Delaware Energy Role Group SkyMiles Holdings Ltd. Jurisdiction Cayman Islands Epsilon Trading, LLC Jurisdiction Delaware Endeavor Air, Inc. Jurisdiction Georgia New Sky, Ltd. Jurisdiction Bermuda 4,409,288 Shares 38,133,128 Shares 5.90% Percent 496,721 Shares 979,754 Shares 66,966,728 Shares 10.40% Percent 2,532,851 Shares Note: This chart shows selected owners and subsidiaries. Elements are modified to improve the design of the chart. The chart may not reflect actual legal entities or relationships. Do not rely on this chart for financial, legal, or investment decisions. Sources: 10-k and Proxy Statement. Copyright 2022

This organization chart shows the named officers individually. Directors and other officers are displayed as a group. Edward Bastian, the CEO as of the date of these filings, has his shares listed along with the other directors. This chart, however, shows his role in both the named officer and directors groups. It also allocates his shares to the Named Officers card.

The chart also shows the ownership interest of BlackRock, Inc. and The Vanguard Group in Delta airlines.

This company structure chart groups some subsidiaries to improve readability. These groupings may not reflect the legal or business structure of Delta Airlines, but they do show the flexibility for presenting company structures in Lexchart. The groupings are: SkyMiles, Services, and Energy.

There is a tutorial showing how to create a company org chart from Excel with Lexchart using the Delta Air Lines data.

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