Alphabet (Google) Company Structure Chart

See the corporate structure of Alphabet, Inc. (Google) based on beneficial owners with more than 1% total voting control and subsidiaries disclosed in the 10-K.

a year ago

Alphabet (Google) Company Structure Chart

This organization chart for Alphabet (NASDAQ: GOOGL), the parent company of Google, shows the beneficial owners with total voting power greater than 1% as of the date of the source filings. The focus of this chart is the ownership structure of Alphabet.

Larry Page BlackRock Sergey Brin Eric E. Schmidt Class B Shares Alphabet Capital US Alphabet Class A Shares XXVI Holdings L. John Doerr Vanguard Google Shares 3,385,149 Percentage 7.4% Total Voting 4.5% Shares 19,952,558 Percentage 43.5% Total Voting 26.3% Shares 145,594 Percentage < 1 Total Voting 1.5% Shares 1,117,447 Percentage 2.4% Total Voting 1.5% Shares 19,168,466 Percentage 41.8% Total Voting 25.3% Shares 22,841,117 Percentage 7.6% Total Voting 3.0% Shares 15,956 Percentage < 1 Total Voting 4.5% Shares 20,332,319 Percentage 6.8% Total Voting 2.7% made at

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