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Waystar Royco Shakeup: Unpacking the Game-Changing GoJo Takeover in HBO's Succession

Waystar Royco Shakeup: Unpacking the Game-Changing GoJo Takeover in HBO's Succession
GoJo acquires Waystar Royco in HBO's Succesion

The Calm Before the Storm – Waystar Royco Pre-Logan's Demise and GoJo Acquisition

Furness Media Groups The Boston Daily Express Brightstar Cruise Lines Kendall Roy The Correspondent Shenzen Sun Vaulter Connor Roy Roman Roy Stewy Hosseini Maesbury Capital International Caroline Collingwood Journal Quebecoise Beneficiaries LNN Broadcast Media Domestic Waystar Studios Deutschland Heute NY Globe The Chicago Daily Waystar Royco The London Journal NCN Brightstar Adventure Park StarGo North Star Publishing Ewan Roy Sandy Furness ATN Print Media Tom Wambsgans Shiv Roy Greg Hirsch Sandi Furness Family Trust Marcia Roy Public Shareholders Trustee? Logan Roy Les Temps du Paris Cincinnati Standard Entertainment and Leisure

Explore the intricate company structure of Waystar Royco before the pivotal events of Logan Roy's death and the GoJo acquisition. Delve into the dynamics and relationships that defined the media conglomerate under the leadership of the powerful patriarch.

The First Wave – GoJo Acquires Waystar Royco, But ATN Stays with the Roy Children

Entertainment and Leisure Sandy Furness Broadcast Media North Star Publishing The Boston Daily Express ATN Furness Media Groups Sandi Furness LNN GoJo Shenzen Sun International Beneficiaries Connor Roy StarGo Caroline Collingwood Waystar Royco The Correspondent Brightstar Adventure Park Waystar Studios Public Shareholders Cincinnati Standard Pierce NY Globe Deutschland Heute Print Media Shiv Roy Kendall Roy Lukas Matsson Brightstar Cruise Lines Les Temps du Paris Domestic Stewy Hosseini Family Trust Vaulter The London Journal Journal Quebecoise Roman Roy Maesbury Capital Roy NewCo The Chicago Daily NCN

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Uncover the strategic moves and negotiations as GoJo acquires Waystar Royco, but the Roy children manage to carve out ATN from the deal. Discover the implications of this partial acquisition and how it impacts the Roy family's legacy and control over their media empire.

The Ultimate Takeover - GoJo Acquires All of Waystar Royco, Including ATN

Stewy Hosseini Shiv Roy International The Boston Daily Express Caroline Collingwood Kendall Roy GoJo StarGo Brightstar Cruise Lines Waystar Studios North Star Publishing ATN LNN Deutschland Heute Vaulter Les Temps du Paris NCN Print Media The London Journal The Correspondent Furness Media Groups Broadcast Media Beneficiaries Family Trust Shenzen Sun Sandy Furness Entertainment and Leisure Cincinnati Standard Connor Roy Public Shareholders The Chicago Daily Maesbury Capital Waystar Royco Domestic Journal Quebecoise Lukas Matsson NY Globe Sandi Furness Roman Roy Brightstar Adventure Park

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Witness the dramatic finale as GoJo finally acquires the entirety of Waystar Royco, including ATN. Analyze the power shifts, the fate of the Roy children, and the potential future of the once mighty Waystar Royco conglomerate under GoJo's control.

Join us for an in-depth examination of the riveting changes to Waystar Royco's organizational structure following the GoJo acquisition in HBO's "Succession."

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