Lexchart Product Release Notes

2022.05.06 – Import spreadsheets

  • Added import feature for Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, or other .csv data.
  • Added support for importing links (connections between entities or individuals).
  • Added support for importing list of cards (entities or individuals).

2022.05.01 - More formatting options

  • Added new button to toolbar and menu item to control wrapping of card name within the card.

2022.04.12 - Enhancements and bug fixes

  • Improve large image chart download file formatting, 
  • Enable direct PDF download on Firefox browser, 
  • Fix download and copy behavior for our publicly shared charts, 
  • Correct display of chart textboxes on Safari browser, 
  • Display locally formatted subscription expiration date, 
  • Improve textbox resize and zoom consistency across browsers, 
  • Display inactivity messages before automatic logout, 
  • and more...

2022.03.06 - Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

2022.02.22 - Initial release 🎉

  • Quick start video tutorial


  • Keyboard shortcuts for delete, undo, and redo,
  • Free account,
  • Copy public charts,
  • Share charts,
  • Super fast chart creation with the new chart window,
  • Increase and decrease gap between chart cards,
  • Labeled data for links,
  • New user interface look and feel,
  • Chart element search panel,
  • Drag and drop manual positioning to precisely adjust chart layouts,
  • More download file formats (PDF, PNG, JPEG),
  • Add textboxes,
  • Quick select for existing card labels,
  • Labeled data for cards
  • Improve chart zoom and pan precision and response,
  • Various fixes for card text display inconsistencies across different browsers,
  • Style formatting,
  • Copy charts, and
  • Automatic chart layout.

Bug fixes

  • Fix home page display of trashed charts when toggling filter buttons,
  • Fix mismatched current color selections in chart formatting color picker,
  • Add helpful links and formatting to error pages,
  • Enable click outside to close popup windows,
  • Improve responsive logo display across device sizes,
  • Ensure smooth handling of SameSite cookie handling changes across browsers,
  • Fix card text alignment inconsistencies,
  • Various fixes and improvements for handling selection of chart elements for formatting and editing,
  • Various fixes when clearing dropdown field selections, and
  • Improve card height and width optimization in automatic chart layout.
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